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Movies at the Cove - Week 2

This week at Movies at the Cove we watched Sully. The true story of Pilot Sullenberger landing his damaged plane in the Hudson River to save the lives of the passengers and crew. Only later to be questioned and scrutinized of his decision. Let’s look at how we can relate this to following God with conviction and certainty.

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Movies at the Cove - Week 1

What an exciting time as we dive into Movies at The Cove 2024! We kicked off our series with Guardians of the Galaxy. A group of rag tag misfits set out to gain riches while battling their own personal issues. Ultimately coming together for the greater good and learning what they needed in life was so much more. Things may look a little different over the next few weeks. Have fun with your Life Group.

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Ready, Set, Invite!

As believers, we are commissioned to “go and make disciples”. This can seem scary, but God promised to be with us. This weekend we looked at how we are here on this earth to share The Good News of Jesus through our own stories.

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Parable of the Talents

As believers, we have been entrusted with different spiritual gifts, talents, money, influence, jobs, and family. Everything we have comes from God and He expects us to be faithful with those resources to advance His Kingdom. When we are good stewards with what He has given us, we are a blessing to others and the value of what we do multiplies.

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REALationships - Week 4

As believers, we often encounter challenges in our relationships. Whether with siblings, parents, children, spouses, coworkers, or others. These difficulties can leave us questioning our roles and what God expects from us in these interactions. This weekend, we concluded our series on relationships by examining the Parable of the Prodigal Son, seeking to understand how God responds to us and what lessons we can apply to our own lives.

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