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Desires- Life My Way- Week One

We think life is all about us. “Life my way is the best way.” Or is it? No matter how hard we try, how much wealth or recognition we have, we aren’t satisfied. The truth is, unless we do life God’s way, we won’t ever be satisfied. Our desires will be as unfulfilled as we are. Let’s consider the ways in which we can choose to do life God’s way.

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Easter 2024

The Easter story is the most amazing story ever and one of the hardest to believe for some people. Jesus lived, was beaten, nailed to a cross, died, and rose on the third day and is now alive. This true story changed the world.

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Holy Spirit - Week 4 - Grieving The Spirit

As we wrap up our discussion on the Holy Spirit, we have learned who the Holy Spirit is, how to experience Him, the unity He creates, and how to receive the Holy Spirit in our lives. In this weekend's message we learned how we can grieve the Holy Spirit, the results it has on our spiritual health, and the prescription to correct it.

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Holy Spirit - Week 3 - Receiving The Spirit

In this weekend's message we learned how we receive the Holy Spirit, how we live in the Spirit, and how His presence in us is a down payment for eternity. We might have been fearful or hesitant about the Holy Spirit before, now we can be excited and enthusiastic about seeking and receiving Him.

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Holy Spirit - Week 2 - Unity

In this weekend's message we considered how the Holy Spirit used the disciples to create the Church and the unity they shared together. Through spending time, sacrificing for each other, and sacrificing toward a common goal the believers were unified and filled with the Holy Spirit.

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