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Part 3 – If God is Good, Why the Bad?

Sometimes life is easy and fun. Other times, it is heartbreaking. In those difficult times, we can doubt God, His goodness, and His power. Sometimes we feel as if God has turned His back on us. How could a good God allow such terrible things to happen? This week, let’s discuss how suffering and a good God are not mutually exclusive.

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Mother's Day - Recipe for Faith

We are all looking for provision, maybe even a miracle. Mary and Jesus were attending a wedding as mother and son when a problem came up. Let’s look at the first recorded miracle and the way that Jesus’ mother depended upon and expected provision from Him. We might just learn the recipe for faith in the process.

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Part 2 - Is There Only One Way to Heaven?

In the world right now, everyone espouses tolerance. Half the time, we want to please others and agree with them, yet we want our rights, and we want things our way. Jesus said He is the Way. Let’s look at that claim.

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Part 1 - Is the Bible Outdated?

Everything in our world changes every few years. New inventions change every aspect of daily living much faster than one decade or one generation. So how can we trust that the Bible is still reliable, relevant, and trustworthy as a manual for living?

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Easter at The Cove - The Story That Changed Eternity

This week, let’s consider how the last week of Jesus’ life affects us all year long. Take time, even if your Life Group doesn’t meet, to meditate on the events that changed everything.

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