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Staying Faithful in the Chaos

It’s almost time for Christmas, and the season can be crazy! In all the busyness, it can be difficult to slow down and take direction from God when our schedules seem to dictate our direction. It can be difficult to trust God and remain faithful to what He has asked of us. As we look at the events of the first Christmas, we see many people who heard from God very directly, but in different ways. In this study, we will talk about how we can stay grounded and rooted in God’s Word and His promises.

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How to Be Thankful

During Thanksgiving gatherings, we often ask friends and family around the table to think about a few things for which they are genuinely grateful. Take time to do that before your holiday meal. As you reflect on God’s provision in these and other areas in your life, can you see (perhaps in hindsight) that He has always provided for you, in every situation? Choose to give thanks, not only this week, but with your whole heart and life.

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Give it up

What would you do with one million dollars? You’d probably put some in savings, invest some, pay off some bills and debts, things like that. But somewhere, at some time, you would be generous and give some away, either to a friend, a family member, or a stranger. Yet when we feel we have only a few precious dollars or possessions, we cling tightly to them. God wants us to be generous, so He can be generous right back to us.

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Living in God's Kingdom

Have you ever been proud to be a part of a group? You might have been selected for the Honor Society, Varsity Team, or made Eagle Scout. Maybe you made the President’s Club for top sales. Is there a point where pride in real accomplishments conflicts with our allegiance to God’s kingdom? Is there a tension between pleasing that boss or the cool kid … and doing what we know is right? Let’s talk about it this week.

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Strange that we are talking about identity issues on a week where many of us are “playing pretend” and dressing up as Marvel heroes, Disney princesses, or scary creatures. In reality, we all wear masks, striving to make others believe we are someone we are not. Finding our true selves begins with a revelation from God, pertaining to our lives and situations.

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