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How to Ride a Roller Coaster

Life can be like a roller coaster. One moment you are chasing after your dreams with all your might. You achieve them, and now life feels great. The next moment, you’re facing a new challenge that drags you down. Working hard is great but it can also exhaust us, and that’s when Satan is likely to attack. In general, the stress and pressure of everyday life can become overwhelming. This week let’s learn how to ride through these emotional ups and downs without letting them overtake us.

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Worth Fighting For – Part 3 – How to Thrive at Parenting

A huge part of the family dynamic is raising children. It seems as if everyone has parenting advice to share, but most of it seems to conflict. The Bible tells us how we can thrive in parenting. When our priorities are in the right place, this relationship works better for both the parent and child. The practical takeaways from this message also apply to spiritual discipleship and healthier relationships.

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Worth Fighting For – Part 2 – Honor and Respect

Some of us have great relationships with our parents, yet some people do not have a relationship with their parents at all. Let’s learn how God designed this relationship to work best. We have people in authority over us from childhood to old age. Let’s learn how we can honor and respect our parents – and others who may be in authority over us—throughout the seasons of our lives. By showing honor and respect, we honor God, and our relationships become simpler and more natural.

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Worth Fighting For - Part 1 – Love Wins

Although we start many of our relationships with a compromising attitude or even a romantic type of love, that can fade. We can begin to think of our look at relationships and marriages as mostly conflicts and arguments. When that happens, we develop a me-first, “my rights,” competitive viewpoint. How can we flip the narrative and give love a chance to win in all our relationships, from marriages to families to workplaces, and friends?

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How to Tackle a Problem

Life can be hard. But God has put you in the exact perfect spot to see a need and tackle it. When opposition comes, He can guide you through it so that you not only survive but thrive! We can learn to deal with setbacks, ridicule, and opposition in a biblical manner as we look at Nehemiah’s example.

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