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The book of Proverbs is filled with practical advice about how to be a good friend and how to have a successful life because of our friendships. If we want to experience the best relationships of our lives, we must understand loyalty and become loyal, faithful friends. We must be the kind of friend that always loves.

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We all need a partner, a copilot, and friend. Life is difficult enough without not having someone by our side to encourage us, challenge us, and have our backs. This message series is about developing the characteristics that we need to have to also be a good friend so we can walk through life making the best decisions possible. In this study, we will start laying the foundation on which these kinds of relationships are built.

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Believe God for a Miracle

This week, we’ve learned about getting in the right frame of mind, having the right attitude, and being in the right place spiritually to receive what God wants to do in our lives. It’s okay to be in a desperate place. It’s important to care for each other and be used to bring about a miracle. It’s crucial to be where God wants you to be to meet Him.

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Listen to the Voice of God

It’s difficult to hear and distinguish the voice of God amid the noise and distractions of our everyday lives. Even beautiful or important distractions (like toddlers and deadlines at work) can keep us preoccupied just enough to miss out on what God is speaking to our souls. This week, let’s be intentional about making time, space, and quietness for God to reveal Himself to our spirits.

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Won't Bow Down

Daily, we are faced with decisions about what we do next. Will we walk with God when it is challenging? Will we react in the moment or pre-decide to obey His commandments and His leading? Let’s look at three young men who laid it all on the line to remain obedient.

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