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On the Sidelines - Part 2 - Serve

Jesus gives us the ultimate example of what it means to be a servant: He taught, healed, and cared for all types of people. More than that, He laid His life down for us all. If we want to follow Jesus, He calls us to live as He lived: being a servant in every room and every aspect of our lives. Let's look at scripture and discuss how we can apply this in our lives.

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On the Sidelines - Part 1 - Worship

We tend to think of worship as a song set in the weekly service, or something we can watch but not take part in doing. Real worship—worship in spirit and in truth—comes from a heart that is earnestly seeking God throughout the days and weeks. It’s not limited to an hour at the church building. This week, we are challenged to build an altar and worship continually with our lives.

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When Your Faith Gets Stale

We all grow tired of even the best things. It can also be true of our faith. This week, we learned that we must be intentional about keeping our hearts tuned to God. When our faith becomes dry and boring, we must seek Him to find joy in His presence. Let’s learn how to keep our hearts tender and seeking after God.

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Week Five - I Can’t Handle This... Label

No matter if they were hurtful (“good-for-nothing”) or exaggerated (“Hey, Princess!”), the labels attributed to us can affect our lives. We live up to them. We see ourselves as our worst critics see us, or we become entitled—just as doting adults taught us to be. The way to break free of labels and live up to God’s best for us is to look to Him for our worth. What does He say about you? Once you know, you can be confident in that identity.

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Week Four - I Can’t Handle This...Resistance

Life is hard and we have difficult tasks ahead of us: finishing the project, healing a relationship, starting a business, even quitting a career to go back to school! This saying is healthy: “We can do hard things.” However, many of us struggle with starting or completing the dreams God has given us. God has a strategy and has supplied all the resources you need to do all He has put in your heart to do.

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