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Confidence in the Shepherd

This weekend we talked about confidence and how sometimes we put our confidence in all the wrong things. What if we put all our confidence in God? Let's look at how we can do this.

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Desires - Week 4 - Sex

This weekend we wrapped up our series on desires with the topic of Sex. We learned that sex is not evil or wrong when it is used the way God designed for it to be. Let’s discuss God’s plan for a healthy desire of sex.

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Desires - Week 3 - Control

This weekend we talked about how we all want control in some area of our life. Unfortunately, sometimes our need for control affects us spiritually. Let's discuss how the need for control impacts us.

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Desires - Week 2 - Money

This weekend we talked about money and how to navigate it the way Jesus intended. Jesus talked about money often. He knew the love of it was a trap and causes many of the issues and problems in this world. Let's look at what the Bible teaches about the wrong desire for money over God.

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Desires- Life My Way- Week One

We think life is all about us. “Life my way is the best way.” Or is it? No matter how hard we try, how much wealth or recognition we have, we aren’t satisfied. The truth is, unless we do life God’s way, we won’t ever be satisfied. Our desires will be as unfulfilled as we are. Let’s consider the ways in which we can choose to do life God’s way.

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