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Guest Services

Guest services create a welcoming environment for all of our guests, where barriers can be broken down and their hearts can be prepared to be introduced to Jesus, and experience His presence in our services.  Being a part of this team is showing love through a simple smile, cup of coffee, or helping a guest with their next step.


Our greeting teams serve on walkways, at doors, and throughout our atrium spaces.  Our greeters welcome our guests, get to know them by name, and help them become familiar with our facilities.  At the doors of our auditoriums, they also offer series specific programs and any additional inserts, to ensure our guests are prepared for the message and upcoming Next Steps.     


Coffee fosters positive energy and an atmosphere that helps prepare our guests for an enjoyable worship experience.  And we have the opportunity to provide it to our guests for free.  Our hospitality team ensures that our coffee area is ready for guests, continually keeps the area tidy and welcoming and takes the time to get to know our guests as they are in the hospitality areas at each of our campuses. 


Our ushers play a large role in making our guests feel comfortable in our auditorium spaces.  They prepare the environment before and between services, ensuring that our auditoriums are clean and welcoming. Once doors open, our ushers greet our guests and help them to find a seat. They continue to be prepared for guests who come throughout the service and helping those who need to leave our auditorium spaces during service.    


Parking is our first opportunity to make an impact on our guests. Our parking team isn’t just about cars, orange vests, and two-way radios. They are the first face of the Cove, the front line inviting guests to come and see what God has for them. The parking team’s priority is to help traffic enter and exit smoothly but more importantly to honor our guests and get them excited about The Cove Church. 


There is always a next step in our spiritual journey. At Next Steps, you partner with people by meeting them where they are in their spiritual journey and guiding them to their next step. Our job is to remove any potential barriers that may prevent an individual from taking that step through consistent, intentional and personalized relationships. 


Come join the Online Chat Team! This is a great opportunity to meet people from all around the United States and the world who watch online every week and/or are looking for a virtual church home. This is a unique serving opportunity where you not only greet, but also connect and share with others as the message unfolds online. If you love interacting with people online, and would like to serve from home, the Global Chat Team may be for you! Cove Online Campus | CoveChurch.TV 

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