On the Sidelines - Part 3 – Worship God’s Way

On the Sidelines 

Part 3 – Worship God’s Way 

Discussion Guide  

Do you ever feel like you are missing something? You're doing what you think is right, but God is not showing up in miraculous ways. He seems silent and you feel defeated. Maybe it’s time to study and see exactly what God wants from us. 

What you will need: A Bible or your Bible app, a notebook, pen, and highlighter. The verses highlighted below are linked so that you can easily access them during your study time. 

Jump Start 

1. What is on your “How to Live a Christian Life” checklist? Is it more a list of things you don’t do or things you do? Did you grow up doing more than attending church or having a quiet time? 

2. Read Isaiah 58:2-4. In verse two, what actions are the people taking that seem “right” to you? In the first part of verse three, what is their attitude towards God? In the 2nd part of verse three and verse four, what does God say they have been doing wrong? How can you personally relate to any of their selfishness? 

3. Read Isaiah 58:5-7. What does real fasting consist of? What is the most important word in verse five? How does it reveal what is good and missing? What is missing from our worship, based on verses six and seven? 

4. Read Isaiah 58:8-10. What are the results of addressing social ills and injustice in society? What are the benefits in your own life? What does God promise if you “spend yourself” or “pour yourself out” (ESV) for the hungry or afflicted?  

5. Action Step: If you are stuck, not hearing from God, or need refreshing, you are not alone. Read Isaiah 58:11-12 for the promise you need. Where are you seeing something and thinking, “That ain’t right.” If you can’t think of anything, look at the Deeper section below to see where God is moving in your heart to get you connected to the needs of others. 


Proverbs 31:8-9, Luke 3:10-11: Consider programs such Guardian ad Litem or Foster Care to help neglected or abused children. Volunteer at the Children’s Hope Alliance

Jeremiah 5:27-28: Consider giving to and serving in Called to Care or The Cove Marketplace to provide food and clothing for the underprivileged. 

Luke 4:16-18, Matthew 11:4-5: Join The Cove Global teams to share the Gospel, supply support, food, education, clean water, and shelter. Break the cycle of poverty in underdeveloped areas.  

Matthew 25:34-40: Feed those who are hungry at Saturday Share (Mooresville) and Wednesday Cook Out (Statesville). Care for students at Power Cross by serving meals and tutoring in Statesville or Salisbury.  

Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-35: Personally, intentionally, look for fellow believers in need and share with them. Meet their needs on your own. 

James 1:27: Be a “dad” to a young boy or support pregnant single moms (Denver). 

Isaiah 58:6: Help break the chains of trafficking and human slavery (A21Justice Ministries) and domestic abuse (Dove House).