Declutter - Part 3 - Sorting Your Finances

Part 3 – Sorting Out Your Finances

Discussion Guide

Money. We build our lives based on how much we have and what we can get. However, God reminds us in His Word that how we use money influences our relationship with Him and others. Besides, He has every resource and provides what we need. How can we declutter our finances and declutter our wrong priorities while we still live in a rat race, material-focused culture?

Jump Start

  1. Read Luke 15:12-13. What kind of embarrassing requests for money or to purchase something ridiculous have you made? Why did you want the thing or funds? In what way do you identify with the prodigal son?

  2. Read Luke 15:28-30. The other brother also has a greed problem. What motivates the older brother to stay away from the welcome home party? What is the other brother’s happiness conditional upon and how does comparison affect his contentment? How has your view of the “older brother” changed after listening to the message?

  3. Read Ecclesiastes 5:10. What is the difference between loving money and loving wealth? Which is more tempting to you and why? In what ways do you find that even the wealthiest and poorest are never satisfied with their income? Why do we expect God to reward us for serving Him? Are you satisfied with your current income? Why or why not? Why do you think the writer of this verse (King Solomon) points out that all three are meaningless?

  4. Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10. We were challenged in the weekend message to admit out loud that we have what we need (although maybe not everything we want). After reading the passage are you ready to say out loud that you have what you need? Admit it to your friends in Life Group. Commit to say it to your spouse, parents or kids this week. “I have what I need.”

  5. Action Step: How can you show with your actions that you have all that you need? Tithing, generosity and giving to others are actions that show you believe you have enough. In the area of giving, generosity and being content: Where do you want to be in a year? Who do you want to be in a year?


  6. Giving to the poor, widows and orphans is part of following Jesus. We will be held accountable for what we held back and recognized for what we contribute to this group. Read Matthew 25:41-45. How and when have you feed the hungry? When did you provide clothes to someone who needed them? Have you cared for those in prison? Do you host strangers and provide hospitality? When we consider each, we can all find ways to give more generously to others. Discuss ways we can do this safely. Avoid making excuses or dwelling on fears.

  7. Read Deuteronomy 14:22-24. In what way do we, as God’s people, enjoy the tithe that we give? Does it seem unusual for God to command His people to go ahead and “eat” the tithe? Where are they instructed to eat it? When we give to God how does He also return good and valuable things to us? Would you share a time when you were faithful to tithe and God provided abundantly?