He Is Coming - Part 4 - When Heaven Meets Earth

Part 4 – When Heaven Meets Earth

Discussion Guide 

In this series, we’ve seen so many ways the Old Testament predicts Jesus’ coming. This weekend we focus on Jacob, who is given a dream from God that will impact the generations to come. We can find hope in his story, as Jacob meets the Living God.  

What you will need: A Bible or your Bible app, a notebook, pen, and highlighter. The verses highlighted below are linked so that you can easily access them during your study time.  

Jump Start  

1. What moment from this past year has changed your perspective the most? 

2. God will meet you where you are. Read Genesis 28:10-15. Where is Jacob headed? How does God speak to Jacob? What does the ladder signify? How did God introduce Himself to Jacob? What promises does God make to Jacob? Has God ever showed up in an unlikely situation in your life? 

3. God has been at work the whole time. Read Genesis 28:16-17. What surprised Jacob? What does he now see? Have you ever been surprised that God was doing something in your situation behind the scenes? Take comfort from the first few lines of this verse: Jeremiah 1:5. How did God’s plans for Jacob go beyond even his own life? How did Jacob's perspective of the place change? 

4. God wants to be your God. Read Genesis 28:18-22. What action steps does Jacob immediately take in response to God’s working in his life? What do the vows tell you? How was Jacob’s dream fulfilled?  

5. Action Step: Do you see God where you are? Is He your personal God, or the God of your parents or ancestors? How has God stepped into our lives? What steps can you take to see God working where you are right now?  


As Jacob continues his journey, God prepares him for his future.  

6. Read Genesis 32:3-6. What efforts does Jacob make to return home in peace? What is the result? 

7. Read Genesis 32:7-12. What emotions does Jacob experience? What actions does he take? 

8. Read Genesis 32:13-23. What strategy does Jacob employ now? 

9. Read Genesis 32:24-28. Have you ever “wrestled” with God? Look up the word “Christophany.” How was Jacob changed? 

10. Read Genesis 32:29-31How do Jacob’s words reveal his changed heart? 

11. Read Genesis 33:1-4How did Jacob behave as he met Esau? What was Esau’s reaction? How did God move in this situation?